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Local Rules.

Buchan Aeromodellers Local Safety Rules - Toux Farm Airfield, 2009 onwards.


The local safety rules can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on Local Safety Rules.


The following are Local Rules to be observed by members or visitors when flying at Toux Farm Airfield. They are in addition to any other requirements placed on members by national associations (SAA, BMFA, LMA) or insurance policies.


1. Car Parking : Cars must be parked at the road end of the runway in the car parking area and never on the access track / road.

Reason : Safety,Insurance requirements and farm vehicle access.

2. All engines must be adequately silenced. Where it is impracticable to silence small engines  (< 1.5 cc), propellers should be chosen to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Reason : Excessive noise causes complaints!

3. a. If the frequency peg-board is there, use it. If not, check the frequency of all other flyers before switching on. All flyers must display a pennant with the channel number showing (35 MHz – orange pennant with white lettering).

b. Check your radio before starting your engine. Users of fail safe devices must check that the fail safe device lowers the engine to tickover (stopped in the case of electric powered aircraft).

c. Ensure the integrity of your aircraft before each flight - check the wings, control surfaces, wheels etc particularly after a hard landing (crash landing?).

d. Always start your engine with it set at a tick-over.

e. Make sure that your aircraft is secure before starting the engine and that the area is clear before starting your engine - warn spectators as well!

Warning : If a propeller sheds a blade, it will be thrown forward within a 45º arc.

f. As soon as your engine has started, move round to behind the engine to make adjustments.

Reason : Safety

g. Check that the engine is running reliably before proceeding to the flight line - hold the aircraft with its nose up at 90° with the throttle fully open. It is set correctly, if after 10 seconds in this attitude the engine speed does not change.

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