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Local Rules.

Local Rules, continued


4. a. All pilots must stand together with transmitter aerials extended when flying.

Reason : Prevention of radio interference.

b. Aerials must be collapsed when not flying.

5. a. Do not take off or land towards the model pound or pilot stance.

b. Do not overfly the model pound or pilot stance.

c. Do not perform aerobatics over the model pound or pilot stance.

d. If your engine cuts, call out clearly “Dead Stick” to warn others that you will be landing immediately.

e. Inform other pilots of low level manoeuvres by calling “ Low Pass”, etc.

f. Do not taxi into or out of the model pound.

Reason : Safety

g. No flying is permitted over or past the trees at the east end of the field, i.e. over the Mintlaw – Fetterangus road.

Reason : Safety

6. Do not use mobile phones in the flying area, there is evidence to suggest that they can wipe computer radio memories.

7. When fixed wing and helicopter flying takes place together, amicable agreement must be sought to ensure that all flyers can have an enjoyable time. It can be difficult to mix the two types of flying but remember, we are all flyers and safety is paramount.

8. Only insured flyers can use the field. Insured guests are welcome but if using the field regularly should join the club. Visitors should show proof of insurance to a committee member.

9. Flying should not commence before 9.00 am and be completed by 8.00 pm.

Reason : Noise annoys!

Safe flying is no accident!

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